Managed Services

Trust ongoing management and monitoring of your enterprise IT infrastructure to a team of experts.

Managed IT Infrastructure

You already know how valuable your IT platforms are to the success of your enterprise. However, when it comes to day-to-day management, even the best IT teams may find ongoing support and maintenance a distraction. Infront Consulting is here to help you with regular patch management, monitoring, updates, and more.

Managed IT Services Include

  • Patching & Updates

    Receive the latest updates for your operating systems and application platforms

  • Security Monitoring

    Ongoing monitoring of systems for security intrusions and maintenance of antivirus/antimalware and IPS / IDS

  • Desktop & Device Management

    Keep employees working at optimal efficiency with updated devices and desktops

  • System Optimization

    Maintain smooth operations with optimized servers and applications

  • Network Management

    Stay connected with assistance from expert network engineers

Managed IT Services

Your enterprise IT department is likely stretched thin on staff and time. Many Infront clients request ongoing managed services once their consulting engagement has concluded.

Our expert staff of systems administrators, Microsoft specialists, and data center consultants are ready to provide routine IT services so your team can get back to focusing on growing your business and supporting your users.

For Microsoft Azure users who want to extend their IT team and have access to a 24/7/365 support team, Infront managed services can deliver ongoing services to support Azure cloud and larger IT environments. In addition, Azure managed services removes the pressure of day-to-day management and lets teams get back to higher value tasks and solving business problems.

Security threats are looming, so managed information security and monitoring services can help you rest easy, knowing that your infrastructure is up-to-date with a watchful eye against intruders and zero-day vulnerabilities.

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