Desktop Modernization

From design to automation and implementation, Infront develops strategies to support your unique business and users, using a streamlined process without any downtime.

It’s Time to Modernize

While modernization has become a catch-all term inclusive of trends such as seamless install and uninstall, the mobility of experience across devices, up-to-date design, and access to cloud services, the pursuit of modernization really becomes a journey. And, there is no limit to a modernization journey.

Are you on the fence about the modernization of your desktops? Your organization is not alone. 

Windows 10 is a key component of the journey to user-centric computing, but here are some additional reasons as to why desktop modernization should be a top priority.


Through automation and centralized management, reduce time and labor consumption by provisioning new desktops and setting policies and procedures with ease. A win-win for everyone.


Desktop Modernization has three beneficiaries:

  1. Users have the freedom to access their personal and familiar environment, wherever and whenever.
  2. IT Departments gain additional efficiencies, control, and security.
  3. The enterprise realizes enhanced employee productivity, a quicker time to market, and reduced operational costs.

Let's Talk Facts

  • 85%

    of enterprises initiated 2017 deployment¹

  • 49%

    of enterprises deployed due to security improvements¹

  • 62%

    of IT professionals state security is the key reason for upgrading to Windows 10²

  • 59%

    of IT workers around the world would prefer Windows 10 for their next PC²

Are you experiencing a trigger event?

Our clients have told us that one or more of the below trigger events have steered them towards exploring desktop modernization:


Does your enterprise have new business demands?  

Is your enterprise vision being limited by your platform? Are the demands not being met, and is the technology becoming disruptive to your employees? Remember that legacy environments don’t have a modern IT approach to maximize efficiencies, scalability, and reliability.

Whatever your organization’s main reason to modernize may be, know that your business is providing the tools and data to enable your employees to collaborate and work from anywhere. Infront Consulting can help your enterprise migrate servers, databases, and applications to a modern platform.  


¹ “User Survey Analysis: Windows 10 Migration Looks Healthy” Gartner, March 2017.

² “Forrester Data, Global Business Technographics®” Workforce Benchmark Survey, 2017.

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