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Featuring: John Hann
Featuring: Muditha Chathuranga
Featuring: Rory McCaw
Featuring: Nicole Mumford
Featuring: Muditha Chathuranga
Accomplishing Patching Challenges with Infront’s Beekeeper
Office 365 – Security and Compliance Center
Azure Case Study: Achieving Big Cost Savings 
Optimizing Cloud Networking and Security
EM+S Defend the Perimeter with Microsoft Cloud App Security
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Utilizing Infront’s Beekeeper software, this session will tackle common patching challenges.  Using Microsoft’s SCCM infrastructure to deliver patches to servers, Beekeeper provides validation tasks to automate prerequisite actions for patching as well as applying the patches to complex multi-tiered applications.  After patches have been applied, Beekeeper’s validation tasks can automate user testing to verify an application’s health and availability.  A scenario will be presented and a solution will be developed during this session. Office 365 is armed with tools that help businesses who have data protection or compliance needs or want to audit user activity in their organization. In this session, you will learn how to manage compliance for all of your organization’s data across Office 365, how you can manage eDiscovery searches and holds access for mobiles devices, and more. In this presentation, you will learn how as a customer that has purchased Azure on an Enterprise Agreement (EA) you can leverage a licensing option that can allow you to start saving up to 40% on your monthly Azure IaaS costs. If you could drive a 40% savings in Azure IaaS, you could redirect a lot of resources to other projects and priorities and look like a hero in your organization. In this presentation, you will get a network and security solutions overview. We will show how Microsoft networking solutions are built and optimized for enterprise deployment, architectures for deployment and supporting Hybrid Deployments. Also, the benefits and value of ExpressRoute as well as Best Practices and recommendations. Among many, the majority of data breaches are happening due to lack of visibility into user activities. This session will focus on how an IT department can get visibility, control, and protection for cloud applications users are using and take necessary actions to protect corporate data using Microsoft Cloud App Security.

Bonus Webinar:

Joint Webinar between Informa Software & Infront Consulting Group
Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Time: 2 PM EDT / 1 PM CDT
Topic: Can Your Organization Handle Recovering From a Disaster?
Speaker: Mickey Gousset, MVP

Discussing: With the recent devastation brought by the recent hurricanes, the need for Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) is on everyone’s mind. Microsoft leveraged their own Azure Site Recovery (ASR) technology to fail over ALL of the data at their Puerto Rico data center ahead of the hurricane to avoid customer data loss. The power of this technology is available to all businesses of any size allowing you to benefit from and save with cost effective cloud based BCP or DR, based on the requirements of your business.  There is a need to keep apps and data safe and available during planned and unplanned downtime.   And if downtime does occur, due to natural disaster, malicious attack, or human error, organizations must be able to recover to normal working conditions as soon as possible.

Join Mickey Gousset, Principal Consulting from Infront Consulting Group to hear how other businesses are proactively leveraging Azure to protect their business critical data in the event of a disaster.

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