Enterprise Applications

Enterprise application services from Infront Consulting can help your organization manage your ever-growing data, meet compliance and security standards, and boost productivity and efficiency.

Improve Your Enterprise Apps

Every business faces unique challenges around security, governance, and infrastructure management.

Keep a closer eye on your IT resources with single-pane-of-glass monitoring across cloud and on-premise infrastructure, implement global compliance and infosec standards throughout your entire stack, and foster productivity and efficiency for every user.


We can help you run your business at top speed. Infront provides you with integrated support regarding emerging cloud threats and potential solutions.

Our consultants teach you how to leverage the wide range of security solutions offered by Azure, including industry-leading firewalls and antimalware. We’ll help you define security policies for your Azure subscriptions that correspond with your needs as an enterprise, and we can teach you the ins and outs of what it takes to govern your IT services so you’ll never need to seek help again.


Ensure that you meet all international and regional compliance standards with Azure. Azure is committed to transparency, and they possess security-enhanced tech and processes that are meant to assist you in achieving maximum compliance when it comes to even the most stringent of regulations, like HIPAA compliance.

Infront’s management packs that allow you to get ahead of issues before they actually impact you in any way. Think of them as sentinels for your servers; they’ll be watching for any issues 24/7/365 to ensure that your compliance is never compromised.


We can show you how to set and manage parameters for data usage. Doing so would let you come up with processes for resolving data issues and allow for the strategic decisions based on high-quality, concrete data. It will also become much easier to analyze your data and convert inefficiencies into benefits.

Even so, why end at data analysis? You can also transform it into comprehensible, relatable information that be used industry-wide for application purposes as well as industry comparison. Another benefit of having comprehensible, concise data is you can visualize it, making it easier to present and communicate.


By integrating OMS with your hybrid cloud model, you will be able to see and control your entire infrastructure from one interface. It also allows for health checks, status checks, and performance information of systems within your infrastructure.

Using OMS, you benefit from additional monitoring, configuration, automation, and provisioning of your hybrid cloud compared to the traditional IT infrastructure.


Maximize the benefits of SharePoint or Exchange by ensuring your critical applications are always stable and readily available. Your organization relies on these applications in order to communicate and collaborate, both within the company as well as with partners.

We help you design and implement solutions that meet your current needs and ensure that your application servers can scale with the inevitable growth of your business.

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