IT Modernization

Changes in cloud technologies are transforming the way enterprises utilize IT services, and technology is evolving faster than ever. Infront Consulting can help you craft the roadmap to modernization.

Accelerate IT Modernization

IT modernization today is akin to the jump from mainframes to client servers. In modernizing your IT infrastructure, you will ensure that your enterprise will be poised to take on the challenges of tomorrow. Improving the end user experience while reducing effort and increasing security is a win-win. IT modernization helps your enterprise deliver security, functionality, and efficiencies required to keep employees happy and productive.


  • Save Expenses

    Lower cost of operating with properly implemented management tools and automation

  • Maximize Value

    Get the most out of your technology assets and resources

  • Scale With Your Enterprise

    Future proofed servers – secure, expandable servers that can be tailored to preference

  • Latest Technologies

    React to developments in tech or within the organization

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Expand or connect your existing infrastructure to cloud resources

Windows 10

Let us help you come up with strategies for migration and leverage new technologies in Windows 10.

Virtual Desktop

We’re experts when it comes to Microsoft RDS, Citrix, and VMware design and implementation. We understand the complexity of implementing virtual infrastructure and we can help you get there. We’ve done it countless times.

Office 365

Migration planning, enterprise/employee management, remote operations, and access Office365 from anywhere; it’s powered by the cloud. Learn more about O365.

Cloud Migration

Unlike hardware with static capacities and fixed usage, cloud migration for modernization offers the best of both worlds. We can help you painlessly transition to updated versions of Systems Center 2016 and integrate with OMS. With revolutionary cloud tech, you can expand your infrastructure whenever you need to, and downsize when you need to; you can’t get any more efficient than that.

Application Optimization

Modernize features for the cloud, alter configuration to optimize performance/efficiency, or increase capabilities by leveraging additional resources sourced in the cloud.

I don’t want to say that I was surprised how good the Infront team was (because I assumed they were), but they were indeed exceptional.

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