Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Simply put, no organization can ignore, delegate, delay, deny or dismiss security. It is everyone’s job to have security on their mind, but security has to be the top concern for the IT department as a breach causes damaging publicity, expensive mitigation, business disruption, and most importantly lost customers. Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) gives you a quick, effective and affordable way to improve your email security.

$4 Million

$1 Billion

Average cost of data breach. Losses from ransonware in 2016
2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis: Ponemon Institute Blog:The 10 Craziest Cybersecurity Statistics of 2016


$500 billion

Ransomeware attacks per day in 2016

Total global cost of cybercrime

FBI PDF: Ransonware Prevention and Response For Crisis 2016 Report: Hackerpocalypse Cybercrime



Security Challenges – The Evolving Threat Landscape

73% of Enterprises

87% of Senior Managers

75%+ of All Network Intrusions

80%+ of Employees


indicated security as a top challenge holding back SaaS adoption admit to regularly uploading work files to a personal email or cloud account are due to compromised user credentials admit to using non-approved SaaS apps in their jobs The median number of days that attackers reside within a victim's network before detection



As hackers around the globe launch increasingly sophisticated attacks, organizations are seeking tools that provide additional protection. Microsoft is pleased to offer customers security capabilities in Microsoft Office 365 with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), an email filtering service that provides stronger protection against specific types of advanced threats.


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The Microsoft Approach – Office 365 ATP offers three core features to better secure your email:


Safe Attachments – which protects against unknown malware and viruses


Safe Links – which provides real-time time-of-click protection against malicious URLs


Rich reporting and trace capabilities


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