Self Service User Portal for Azure IaaS


Our clients asked and we delivered.

Infront has just released a new Self Service User Portal for Azure IaaS. This is a self-service Azure portal for Virtual Machine access and provisioning with built-in approvals that doesn’t require Azure Portal access, providing ease of use and governance.

  • Lists all Virtual Machines in Azure IaaS
  • Allows users request new Virtual Machine without Azure Portal access and with business approvals via email
  • Emails the requestor and the approver
  • Empowers users to Start and Stop their Virtual Machines
  • Automatically generates and emails an RDP file to the requestor, simplifying access
  • Allows users to re-request the RDP file at any time. Can restrict RDP access to the corporate network for increased security and control.
  • Allows users to schedule the start and stop times of their Virtual Machines
  • Simple HTML interface with built-in authentication
  • Allows users to delete their Virtual Machines

Just another example of some of the amazing work and solutions that you provide our customers!!

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