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Is your organization looking to explore the move of your existing infrastructure footprint to the Microsoft Azure Cloud? For any company, this huge endeavor needs to be carefully planned. Infront Consulting Group has a vast amount of knowledge working with customers migrating to Azure.  Whether you are new to Azure, comfortable with Azure or an expert – let’s talk Azure

What is Azure?

Outside of the IT world, Azure is an adjective that means bright blue in color, like a cloudless sky.  But to Microsoft, Azure means a growing collection of integrated cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy, and manage applications through a global network of data centers. With Azure, you get the freedom to build and deploy wherever you want, using the tools, applications, and frameworks of your choice.

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Is your organization considering moving to cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service? (IaaS)  There are two primary players:  Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, but which one is right for the needs of your business?   Even though we are a Microsoft partner, we are very familiar and knowledgeable with the Amazon solution.  We have migrated clients from Amazon to Azure, created a hybrid Amazon and Azure solution and set up Amazon for clients.   The solution recommended is based on the clients needs and objectives.

Check out this Review of Microsoft Azure vs. Amazon Web Services  – Did you know ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies use Azure?  Microsoft Azure serves over 140 countries with more than 100 data centers worldwide.  Benefits of using Azure include: Build Faster; Greater Intelligence; Unmatched Innovation; Leading Flexibility; Greater Global Scale; Most Trusted & Complete.

Need to Know More? Check out our Azure Calculator

Are you ready – Microsoft will allow you to estimate your expected monthly bill using their Azure Pricing Calculator and while you are there, quickly compare the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your on-premises infrastructure with a comparable Azure deployment using the TCO Calculator.  Estimate savings you can realize from moving to Azure.


Here is what our consultants are talking about with clients, so we thought we would share with everyone:

Be an Azure Hero

Azure costs can quickly and easily get away from you.  Avoid billing surprises!

Infront Azure Automation (Governance & Cost Efficiency) Offering

  • No risk, no customer upfront investment in services to drive cost savings through Infront’s Azure Automation Framework.
  • Automate the VM conversion with consistency, standardization, and our proven expertise to quickly achieve ongoing savings and consumption optimization.
  • Infront shares in your savings for the first year. After that, the savings are all yours.


Infront leveraged their Azure Automation Framework to automate changing the licensing on the VMs to HUB licensed. This ensured consistency, accelerated the change, minimized downtime and allowed a manufacturer to achieve savings of $40k per month, on their IaaS VM costs.

Let us Make You a Hero

Have you moved VMs to Azure IaaS?

Are you benefiting from the cost savings in Microsoft’s Azure Hybrid Use Benefit? Most organizations aren’t and they are losing out on potential cost savings.

Q.How can I create VMs in Azure that take advantage of Hybrid Use Benefit?

A.Hybrid Use Benefit (HUB) is available to customers with Enterprise Agreements and Software Assurance that enables Windows Server licenses on-premises to be leveraged in Azure which results in Windows VMs costing the same as Linux VMs (since there is no charge for the Windows Server license).

To enable the HUB licensing when creating new VMs a licensing type must be specified when creating with PowerShell (-LicenseType Windows_Server) or with JSON templates (“licenseType”: “Windows_Server” as part of the properties). This is documented in detail at

If you have existing VMs in Azure there is currently no way to convert them to HUB licensing via a switch today however Infront Consulting Group has an automated solution to make this conversion seamless for customers today!


See the example below of virtual machine cost savings that may apply annually with using Azure HUB.