Azure Migration

The backbone of many enterprises are the hundreds and possibly thousands of applications running on your organization’s servers — we can help you avoid downtime when moving them to the cloud.

Discover - Map – Evaluate

Understanding your migration journey starts with establishing your priorities and business goals, and using our cloud migration assessment tools to discover your organization’s inventory of physical and virtual servers will assure a proper mapping of dependencies. Mapping the dependencies will allow for a full evaluation to determining what applications would be best leveraged in the cloud.

Which migration strategy matches your business goals?

No two cloud migrations are alike. Infront Consulting will work with you to identify the best ways to move your applications and data to Azure, designing a scalable custom environment that is ready to grow with your business and integrate with legacy infrastructure.

Rehost or Lift and Shift

This method is a quick solution to move applications as-is, providing the benefits of the cloud without the risks or costs of making code changes

Refactor or “repackaging”

In this case, minimal alterations of application code and configuration changes are required to connect the application to Azure PaaS and leverage cloud platforms and storage.


The most efficient way to maintain your existing applications and workflow is to modify or extend an existing application code base in order to optimize the application architecture for cloud. This can involve significant coding effort.


Finally, you can start from scratch and go all-in on cloud technologies, the only way to become truly cloud-native across your infrastructure stack.

Minimize business disruption and drive value faster with a combination of flexible, powerful cloud migration strategies.

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