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This FREE Pack extends System Center Operations Manager to accurately identify Microsoft or third-party virtual machines and important properties of virtual machine guests.

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Latest News & Blog Posts

Should You Enable Autogrowth on SCOM Operations Database?

Published November 14th 2018

You should put a fair amount of thought into designing your SCOM infrastructure. You need to make sure not only that the design works efficiently for the existing requirements you have, but also that you will be able to accommodate the future growth and expand your current Management Group without compromising its efficiency or performance.

SCOM includes the option to autogrow your Operations database. You can enable this to allow the DB to grow in size along with your overall SCOM environment. In my opinion, you should not do so, however, unless you are absolutely forced to.

Alleviate Direct and Indirect Patching Costs Through Automation

Published November 7th 2018

In a world where we have self-driving cars, cures for complex diseases, and where we’re building houses with 3D printers, some enterprise organizations still manually patch servers which run their mission-critical applications.

Enterprise data center management can fray the nerves of even the most experienced administrators. “To err is human”, as the saying goes, and errors can happen during patching, even with the powerful toolset in Microsoft System Center. A server admin could spend hours struggling with a single patch and cause productivity delays the next day for the systems which don’t get addressed.

There are effective ways of automating these tasks, which come with price tags both directly and indirectly related to patching itself.

How to Extend Your Azure Automation Library Modules

Published October 31st 2018

Azure Automation is a cloud-based configuration service that automatically manages your Azure and non-Azure environments based on your runbooks, update management features, and shared capabilities like access controls, global storage of credentials/certificates/etc, tags, and more.

Included in Azure Automation is the option to extend your libraries. You can import a set of libraries called Modules to your automation account from a preexisting list that can be found in the Gallery or by uploading script files of your own.

Below you’ll see where to upload or choose these Modules.

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