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Designed from the learning’s of our clients’ challenges, we develop Management Packs (MPs) to meet their needs then make our MP software available to all our clients for use.

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Client Testimonial

Infront Consulting Orchestrator Pack lets us keep track of our Runbooks and their status. As more and more Runbooks are added to the environment, it was becoming a headache to identify problematic ones. With the Infront Orchestrator Management Pack, we were able to identify and remedy Runbooks that were having issues. Nice product!

— John Rea, TW Telecom Corporation

Beekeeper  (Formerly OPAS)

Tired of late-night patching?
Failing compliance and security audits?

With Beekeeper  you can fully automate patch management to minimize errors and reduce downtime to create a more secure and compliant environment, ultimately resulting in a better return on investment.

  • 100% compliant every month
  • Applications validated automatically after a server reboot
  • Monthly cost savings in OpEx budget
  • Work life balance for IT staff
  • Zero downtime of highly available applications during scheduled maintenance windows

With Beekeeper you can fully automate the validation checks of your application to eliminate human intervention and action. Integrate Beekeeper with System Center Configuration Manager and you can automate the end-to-end patching and application validation of your high availability applications and eliminate downtime.

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Let us help you build your business case:

Current Operational Costs

How much time are your application owners spending validating the health of their applications after the servers they run on are rebooted?

Reduce Production Outages

Avoid a 60-minute production outage by reducing your risk with Beekeeper and save up to $474,000.*

*Based on Ponemon Institute 2013 Cost of Datacenter Downtime Study

Allocation of Resources

The cost of resource re-allocation could amount to $105,000 per source.* Beekeeper  eliminates patching downtime, redeploying your staff on projects that add value to the business.

*Based on industry averages

Average Cost of Breach

Save by protecting your system with Beekeeper , since a single data security breach can cost up to $5.85 million,* and the reputation of your brand.

*Based on Ponemon Institute 2014 Cost of Data Breach Study



Would you like to Understand Your Azure Expenditures?

Infront’s HoneyPot will provide:

  • Deeper insight into your Azure expenditures
  • Proactively identify cost centers that aren’t inline with expectations
  • Chargeback or showback expenditures by site, department, application or other data dimensions
  • Manipulate your Azure financial consumption based on your requirements
  • Present data to management in a business context

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