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Management Packs

The Infront System Center Orchestrator Management Pack is a MP that allows you to monitor your Orchestrator Runbooks in System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 or 2012. The native Microsoft MP provides monitoring for the Orchestrator server roles and architecture, but doesn’t monitor Runbooks. The Infront Consulting Group System Center Orchestrator Management Pack fills in this gap by allowing you to monitor your Runbooks in SCOM.

The Infront Consulting Audit MP is a health-check Management Pack designed to provide the additional functionality that leading enterprise-sized organizations need to succeed. The Audit MP allows you to track changes to your rules, monitors and overrides and automates the back-up of unsealed MPs prior to the implementation of rollback-allowing changes. The Audit MP provides the ability to schedule maintenance modes based on a single CSV file that contains critical server maintenance schedules. The Audit MP also allows you to compare systems in Active Directory with Systems that have SCOM agents, then alert your IT team to any systems that are in AD and lack a SCOM agent. This MP also discovers systems in a ‘pending reboot’ state, displays servers with disconnected RDP connections and displays greyed out SCOM agents.

The Infront Consulting Group Audit MP was built to address some of the pain points that we encounter on every SCOM engagement and provide a simple solution that doesn’t require complex MP authoring knowledge to resolve.

The Infront Consulting RightFax Management Pack allows System Center Operations Manager 2012 (SCOM) to quickly discover the RightFax environment. Rules and monitors are used to track the performance and availability of RightFax components. Using the detailed alert information, issues with the RightFax installation can be quickly identified and resolved. With the Infront Consulting Group RightFax Management Pack (MP), customers can feel secure knowing their RightFax environments are being proactively monitored.

The Infront Consulting McAfee Management Packs allow customers to proactively monitor their McAfee environment.

The Infront Consulting Group Avamar Management Pack allows customers to proactively monitor their Avamar environment.

The Infront Consulting Isilon Management Pack allows customers to proactively monitor their Isilon environment.

The Infront Consulting Active Directory Management Pack is a FREE SCOM Management Pack designed to detect servers in your Active Directory that do not have a SCOM agent installed. This allows you to easily see what servers are not being actively monitored by SCOM, and take the appropriate action.

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The FREE Infront Enterprise Virtual Machine Discovery Management Pack extends System Center Operations Manager to accurately identify Microsoft and third party virtual machines and important properties of virtual machine guests.

Orchestrator Integration Packs

Are you getting too many alerts in SCOM? Are all of the alerts that you are getting actionable? The Infront Consulting Triage IP is designed with two goals in mind. The first is to reduce alert noise. The second is to ensure only actionable alerts are sent out via notifications or passed into your ticketing or incident management system. The Infront Consulting Group Triage IP is designed to allow you to quickly and easily, with no knowledge of SCOM, correlate critical, warning and information alerts in SCOM with your organization’s severity levels. We understand that a critical alert in SCOM doesn’t always translate into a Severity 1 issue in your environment.

The Infront Consulting Group Triage IP allows you to map the alerts in SCOM MPs to your organization’s severity levels and populates the Alert owner field and Custom Alert Fields with additional information to make the alert easier to filter on and communicate to the right audience.