Azure Anywhere

Is your organization  looking to explore the move of your existing infrastructure footprint to the Microsoft Azure Cloud?

For any company this huge endeavor needs to be carefully planned. Infront Consulting Group has a vast amount of knowledge working with customers migrating to Azure.

A workshop is a better way to understand the scope of the project and educate the team on common challenges.

To schedule a workshop with Infront, please contact: or call 416-503-8350 x 2

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Start by knowing the FACTS

Fact: It is rapidly evolving and improving. Microsoft has rolled out 300+ updates in last one year.

Fact: It serves over 140 countries with more than 100 data centers worldwide.

Fact:  The name originally was Project Red Dog.

We love dogs at Infront and had Red Dog been it’s official name, we would have asked you if we can “Dog Sit your IT”. Now we just say, can we help “lift you to the cloud” with our amazing Azure consulting team including two MVPs.


If you have your own question, please feel free to ask our team, submit your questions to: